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How do you stay safe and effective at a demonstration where police agents of the corporate state maybe trying to scare you away, hurt or arrest you? 
Your best move is to believe in your vision for a better world, and learn, prepare, work together, dress appropriately, pay attention at the demo, stay flexible, creative and be pro-active.  
This website is dedicated to helping you, worriers for global justice, carry out your protest objectives effectively and safely.  

Quick Protester Safety and Effectiveness Guide

(Note, this is not a substitute for more extensive knowledge) You should consult medics, legal and demonstration sources).

All  Protesters: Need to learn basic prevention, safety and treatment.

1. PLAN AHEAD: Prepare for bad weather and conditions. Bring essential supplies.Stay with a buddy. Know how to get assistance. How to re-contact your buddies if separated.
2.  ATTITUDE: You are part of a global movement for social justice. Remember, discomfort is only temporary, and you are strong. Learn about demonstration safety and effectiveness at  http://streetmedicqc.blogspot.ca/ 
3. THE #1 WEAPON OF THE POLICE IS FEAR. Once you control that,  other police tactics are manageable.
4.COMMON SENSE: Stay calm and focused. Assess what is happening and what needs to be done. Anticipate what the crowd and the police might do that could increase arrest or safety risk. Move FAST when you must.
5. SOLIDARITY: Communicate with others and you can stay safer, be more effective. Scouts can find out where the police are hiding, etc.. Be present for each other after a scary or intense experience.

1. Waterproof or water-repellent outer layers (nylon, plastic) repels pepper spray and tear gas
2. Eye, Breathing and Face Protection: Ski or swim goggles. Safety goggles. Clear face shield, etc. Bandanna, scarf, mask (wet with water, lemon juice or apple-cider vinegar (for tear gas). Helmet.
3. Water! (lots) in sports bottles for flushing away chemicals in eyes or on skin. Hydration.
4. Anti-chemical solution (pepper spray or tear gas). 1/2 Water + 1/2 Liquid anti-acid (i.e.unscented Maalox, etc with aluminum hydroxide as main ingredient).
5. Dress for the weather! You might be outside for a long time.

Danger Zones: Anyplace near the police: Almost all  violence at demonstrations is by or against the police.

***** SAFE SPACE *****
Anticipate a safe space to treat yourselves, or to escape. Side street, doorway, behind a car, etc.) Ask others to help create a safe zone around a treatment area.

Both sting, especially in eyes. Cause coughing. Pepper spray can spasm shut eyelids. Pepper spray can sting for up to 45 minutes. Tear gas (once you are in a clean space) is much less.
Will stick to cotton clothes, keffiyehs, skin & hair.
Eye water flush (direction nose-to-ear) for those NOT wearing contacts. Otherwise gentile water eye wash. Consider a safe "liquid antacid" solution (sometimes called "maalox" which helps neutralize the stinging for eyes and skin.

*MIX: 1/2 water + 1/2 liquid antacid (i.e. Maalox). Keep in spray bottle.
*Treatment: Shake. Spray in eyes (blink), mouth (swish & spit), on skin.
(A liquid antacid with aluminum hydroxide as main ingredient. Make sure it does not contain potassium as some antacids and laxatives do - that will cause more eye irritation).
Even milk helps neutralize the chemicals.

Tear gas: Move to clean air. Rinse skin, eyes, mouth with water first.

AFTER: Shower off chemicals. Wash or discard clothes.
De-Stress: Talk with others about your stressful experiences, and what lessons might be learned.

Attitude is key. Stay solid, centered. Help each other. If arrested, only tell police in Canada your name, address and date of birth. You do not have a right to lie to them.  Be respectful but best not to talk with them, certainly don't implicate yourself or others in a crime.   The police & guards want to discourage you from protesting. They might try to make you uncomfortable. They often lie about when you are going to be released, about what your friends said you did, etc..
If handcuffs or tie-wraps are too tight, ask they be loosened to avoid nerve injury. If no response from one cop, ask another.
If mass arrest, stay in contact with each other & a lawyer. CONTEST ALL CHARGES & FINES. Charges can be dropped  - but only if you contest.

The Medical Monitors: Each group should designate someone with more advanced medic training, who is responsible for their basic prevention/treatment supplies,
knows how to access the medical system, ensures their comrades are treated and followed-up.


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