How to pee outside

From : Street Medic Wikia (beta), the online resource for street medics that anyone can edit A protester's most valuable health guide
On a warm sunny day at a big protest your first sign of dehydration might be a headache. You next sign might be dizzyness, heat exhaustion, fainting or near shock. You need to drink.

Everything is made worse by dehydration, and most people don't drink enough water at rallies.

If you haven't peed in hours or it was dark colored, you're probably dehydrated. Drink more water and pee more!

But if you have to pee and hold it for a long time, you can cause other problems; including painful, irritating Urinary Tract Infections.

Street peeing for beginners

If you can't use a public or restaurant toilet, then it's time to pee outside.
Grab a friend(s), go to an alley, and while they watch or hide you from the street, you pee. Carry some tissue in your pocket or purse to wipe with. 

If you are female bodied, consider carrying a pStyle with you.  If you are trans masculine identified and don't like the pStyle, consider bringing an STP packer along with you. Test them out at home before the rally so you can get used to using it.
Don't worry about police-- public urination isn't usually high on their list of priorities during a protest. And anyway, your friend is watching out for you.
No alley?
Groups can even form a circle facing out in the middle of a march (or a mass arrest even) , while one member pees in the middle of the circle.

If you are doing a serious sit-down or lock-down occupation , consider a diaper, or even a urinary catheter (there are condom catheters for penises).

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