Who we are

Some of us are regular people trained as street medics. Some of us are health professionals trained as street medics. We are volunteers. Together, we are active and we support people active in the struggle for justice, human rights for all, the right to demonstrate, do direct actions, etc..
Some of us are also active in the struggle to maintain universal access to our health care system. We support free health care for ALL, regardless of their citizenship and legal status. Health care is a human right. We need to keep it that way.
When we can, we provide training for protesters and medics.

You can contact us via:

Facebook: MilitantEs et premiers soins
Infirmières et infirmiers contre la hausse des frais de scolarité

e-mail:   infomedimilitante@yahoo.ca
Telephone:  Montréal Medics, QPIRG-Concordia - (514) 848-7585

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